The HARK project started exactly a year ago, when I contacted Andy after seeing his wall installation on the Supermarket Sarah website. I’d done a wall installation myself a few weeks after him and really liked what he’d done. We started talking about our respective work and things we liked and Andy suggested we collaborate on a project together. Fast forward a few months later when I met Vickie from the Jaguar Shoes Collective and told her about a possible collaboration between me and Andy. She suggested we put on a show at one of her venues which was extremely exciting! We then got to talking with Andy about how we could combine our styles and what we could put on as a show. All our inspirations and the skills we used so far led to the idea of 3D paper abstract totems. We wanted something quite tactile and 3D, using lots of colour, geometric shapes and patterns and referencing spiritual and nature based themes. The idea of a 3D paper installation was hugely exciting to us as we both felt these were usually the kind of shows that were the most impressive and interesting (at least to us), and it meant an extra challenge of trying to work with the space given. Further down the line the project took on a life of its own and branched out into stop-motion animation, products and workshop ideas, but more on that later… and on the show which is scheduled for the last week of January 2012 at The Old Shoreditch Station. Here are a few pics of the things that Andy and I started looking at way back when we were brainstorming.

From top to bottom: an image found on ffffound!, artwork by Michael Velliquette, picture from the book “American Indian Design & Decoration” by Le Roy H. Appleton,  photo of part of my wall with some of my origami developments, wooden blocks by Miller Goodman.


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