installation // making of

The installation’s now up, come and see it at The Old Shoreditch Station (1 Kingsland Road, E2 8DA)! We’ll post pictures of it soon but in the mean time here are some pics of the 4 day install with Andy, myself, Sophie Pickup, Georgina Carroll and Nick Hancock.

It was a challenging 4 days but we’re very excited about the final result!

Thank you again to Sophie and Georgina, Tomo, Adelya, the café staff, Nick Hancock, Rosy Nicholas and Jaguar Shoes Collective.


roll up roll up

Thank you to Teo at No Days Off for her tireless support and for putting together this fabulous animated Gif invite inspired by the poster artwork.


behind the scenes // animation

Only a couple more days till the show! Here’s a little “step back in time”, when we shot the animation back in October.

The idea of making a stop motion animation came to us one day when I was telling Andy I’d alway wanted to make one and we realised our HARK creatures would be perfectly suited to that. It was loads of fun to shoot and we’re both very excited to see the final result of our very first attempt at stop motion! Ben Pearce is at the editing commands and Julian Fenner is making a custom-made soundtrack for it. Lucky us!

A huge thanks to Adam Laycock without whose generosity and help this animation might never have come to life.

Photos below by Samuel Palk


HARK’s poster set is being printed by Ditto Press a print-publishing company based on Shacklewell Lane.

Risograph printing is the name of their game and their colours work brilliantly for our posters.

The below pic is one side from their colour swatch handout, marvelous!

There’ll be a set of 4 A3 posters to purchase from the ‘No-One‘ shop, so get there quick because there’s only a small print run.

HARK contributors

It goes without saying that we’ve been tremendously lucky to have so much willing support from everybody and today we’d like to give special thanks to Julian Fenner who is making a bespoke track for our stop motion animation (amazing!) and Ben Pearce who is kindly editing the animation to take it to a different level. Ben has also applied his graphic design skills to help create a set of ‘beautiful’ cut-out posters. It’ll be a fairly small print run so be sure to grab one!

We’d like to also take this opportunity to thank both Amy Friend and Fung Ye Tsang for their sterling contribution.

Here’s a further look at the hard work going on at the HARK studio by Sophie Pickup & Georgina Carroll

It’s all looking fantastic…we’re quickly running out of storage space too!!!

studio pics

Only 3 weeks to go till our show!! Here are pics of our work in progress in the studio…

Pics of our lovely helpers Sophie Pickup and Georgina Carroll from Double Up Collective, and Pawel Nyszczyj.

wooden wonder

This beautiful piece of Beech wood is the start of a prototype for a design ornament idea we had to compliment the project.

The craft work was kindly done by Michael Marriott and we’ll be having Jonas Ranson print the HARK graphics onto each side in the style of our 3 cube high totems.

Very Exciting time right now…still a huge amount of work to do but we’re pressing on and its all coming together.

Below are some images of the ceramic totem stacking cups I saw on my travels to California in September.

Was very fitting to stumble across these, they’re lovely things and were part responsible for the direction of our current wooden totem idea.

Watch this space…

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